10 Highest Paid Jobs in Japan

If you’re looking for work in Japan, it is always helpful to know what to aim for! Below, we’ve explored some of the 10 highest paying jobs in Japan, based on the rankings at SalaryExplorer. While some of these might not be a surprise, this information can help you chart your employment future.

1) Risk Analyst (Insurance) ¥1,333,333

2) Regional Director (Executive and Management) ¥1,300,000

3) Software Engineer (Information Technology) ¥1,166,667

4) Managing Director (Executive and Management)  ¥1,145,833

5) Corporate Director Of Human Resources (Human Resources) ¥1,000,000

6) Business Analyst (Banking) ¥1,000,000

7) Project Manager (Information Technology) ¥937,500

8) Security Analyst (Information Technology) ¥916,667

9) Area Manager (Executive and Management) ¥900,000

10) Senior Project Manager (Telecommunication) ¥884,000

See more at: http://www.salaryexplorer.com/best-paying-jobs.php?loc=107&loctype=1#sthash.q7ohzneM.dpuf


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